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Get Started Trail/Enduro Riding - Low Speed Skills for Beginners

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Take control and never fear the bike again. 

Get started correctly, and put in place your fundmental low speed control skills.  Learn how a bike works and do the correct exercises, so riding becomes far safer and way more enjoyable.  A Coaching session for Beginner Enduro/Trail riders.

As a Trials rider and coach, so often i see new riders lacking the most improtant fundamental control skills.  Once you know how and why you can start working with logic and physics, so the bike does the work for you! 

The session is for people new to riding off road, who can ride, but maybe unsure worried, or even fearful.  I will support you every step of the way and you will be amongst others just like yourself.

I take safety very seriously and we will gradually build you up step by step.  There is no eog or expectations, I will adapt to you and the other riders to get the best outcome for you.

This session is suited to people on Enduro Bikes.  Mx or ADV bikes are not really suitable for this.  If you are unsure email

Develop your low speed control skills.

  • Bike set up and Geometry (rake and trail)
  • Balance
  • Turning (Sitting and Standing)
  • Clutch Control
  • Hills and Up and Down
  • Saving yourself, correctly.

    By the end of the session

    • Your balance will be improved.
    • You will be able to turn at low speed and quite tightly on and off camber.
    • Be able to ride gentle up hills and stop and start.
    • Stop on a hill and get off the hill safely, letting the bike do the work.
    • Understand downhill riding.
    • You will be safer.
    • You'll have the knowledge to remove emotion and ride logically.  
    • You wont fear the bike and be more confident.


    A details PDF is downloadable from your confirmation email upon booking. Actual venue address I don't advertise for the Landowners privacy.

    • Venue will be in Toodyay (5 mins from the town site)
    • Times will be 9:30am Start - 3pm Finish
    • There is no catering
    • Toilet will be on site.

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