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Get Started, Hard Enduro Weekend

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Thinking of trying a Hard Enduro? Thinking of riding the WHES series?  This is a weekend to get you started in the best possible way.

Get all you need to know to ride safely, efficiently and to get the most fun out of riding WHES events. 

We will cover; 

  • Bike Set up - Set your bike up to suit what YOU need...  And we will explain what you don't need.
  • Body Set up - With Faz from Human Garage.  Fitness and nutrition are a large part of Hard Enduro.  You will ride better, have more fun and have WAY less injury if you get set up properly!
  • Mental Approach - 2hrs into a Hard Enduro your mental game matters!! Riding is always so much in your head.
  • Race Strategy - A bit of strategy goes along way...
  • and of course...Fundamental Riding Skills

This is not a weekend of just riding.  The most important part will be all of the information and getting you to understand what plan or program you will use to get to the goal!  A dream without a plan will always remain a dream.

We will be obviously riding and testing your skills so you will know where you are currently, and what to do to take those skills further.

You will end up with a far better idea of a real hard enduro event and what is needed.  You will come away knowing what to expect from a race, what exercises to do to prepare both body and bike and get a feel for one of the actual courses. 

Riding and Non Riding Bookings

  • You can Book a "RIDING" place on the course, so you participate in all the activites, including all riding
  • or a "NON RIDING" where you are apart of the whole thing, but just dont do the riding.

Who is this for?

  • Riders Intersted and maybe a bit unsure about what Hard Enduro is or if they are capable of an event
  • Riders who are totally new to Hard Enduro
  • Experienced riders who may havce gone about things the wrong way,
  • Women are more than welcome, this is not some blokey macho event.
  • If you are really nervous you can just come and watch, there is an option to come watch and not ride.

Who is this not for?

This is not kids on small bikes.  A "Riding" booking is not for people totally new to riding, a Non Riding place is a better option, watch and learn first.  This is a difficult place to ride so you need to have some basic experience to ride comfortably.

What you get

Day 1 - Detail and Theory.  Covering bike setup, psycological approach and process's, fitness and nutrition.  Then starting to set some base skills in place. You will finish up with simple and easy to implement;

  • Riding Training plan
  • Fitness Training Plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • All the bike knowledge you will need

Day 2 - Continuing the rest of the base skills with more exercises, then applying those skills, and tackling a mock race/course.  During Day 2 you will put into action;

  • All the skills to find traction 
  • How to get "Unstuck"
  • Line Selection Wheel placement/proprioception
  • Realising your fitness levels
  • The correct mind set.

What you need for this Event

You don't need any crazy set ups, just the following will make life alot easier, and you will get far more out of the session;

  • An Enduro bike - MX bikes are no good for this. They will get very hot and make life hard for you to learn and you will get less out of the weekend.
  • No Rekluse Clutches - Unless you are missing an arm or something, switch back to a standard clutch. 
  • Be able to lower your tyre pressure.  If you have a firm mouse for fast riding you may want to go back to a tube for this event.  Being able to lower your rear tyre in particluar will really help you learn out of this session.
  • A bike that runs the whole weekend - There will be no refunds or transfer of credit.  The session will not stop for you to fix a problem bike.  Obviously alot of people who will always help.  BUT don't be that rider who rocks up with a known problem.
  • You won't need to carry gear - We will be close to the camp site at all times, (the property is only 100 acres or so) so you won't need to carry much.
  • Wear all the protective gear that you will normally wear for a Technical/Hard Ride.


You will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK in your confirmation email with all the details you will need for the Weekend.  Download that PDF!!