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Motorcycle Obstacle Riding - Seminar

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A complete break down on how to ride obstacles for Hard Enduro, Trials and ADV riders.

Tuesday December 6th - 6:30pm

Do you really know how to ride obstacles?  or are you just lifting the front and hoping for the best??  Get some knowledge so you can ride better, ride different.  

This seminar will give you the complete overview of obstacle riding.  The three correct techniques, and the one you don't need to worry about.  (There is only four, regardless of what is on YouTube).

Correct technique, will no only transform your obstacle riding but it will also transfer to many other areas of your riding - hills, creeks, getting stuck, sand riding etc etc.  You will build clutch and bike control in the process, and this will also really help you get out of most "stuck" positions. 

  • You will learn why the clutch is so critical
  • How to create lift
  • Why Pre-loading is actually a bad thing for most riders
  • The three techniques you should use
  • How to start putting it all into action

I will be riding within the seminar to demonstrate and explain in detail.  It is basically a TED talk that will really change your life 🤣


Date: Tuesday December 6th

Time: 6:30pm Start (I expect this to run for 2hrs but i can't be sure as it is dependant on the Q+A as we go)

Venue: Moto Dynamics Store, Kelmscott 

There will be tea and coffee provided.