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Trials Coaching Thomas Farm Sunday 11th June

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Riding and Camping

Competition Coaching for Trials riders.

The focus for these sessions will be on "application of skills to competition".  From this if there is a particular weakness I will target that for the individual specifically.

These will be sessions where i push you and your boundaries.  If you have a minder bring them along with you (no extra cost for them to attend with their bikes but they will be required to sign on).

We will cater for all riders T1-T5 but you will want to be comfortably in a minimum of  T5/White Line.  If you have just stepped up from Black Plate this may not be the session for you.

The format for the session will be section lines will taped and set for you.  Then within these I will set 3-4 lines based on the riders attending.  As you improve we will raise the level of the lines continually, through the session.

The session will run from 10am - 3pm with a 30min break for lunch.

CAMPING OVER IS ALLOWED Saturday night and costs $20per vehicle which will be paid directly to Land owner.