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Ride Better Ride Different in 2024

In 2024, let's make the most out of your riding. You know the passion I have for helping riders improve in all aspects of their riding.

Delivering coaching with a path of continuous development, is a difficult thing to achieve.

This is the best structure I have ever put together, not only delivering the best coaching but also in the most affordable package.

Times are tight, interest rates are rising, and it is really important to keep riding for your well-being.

The academy is a monthly subscription-based service where you get a continuous line of progression and development over a wide range of events aimed at skills, competition, creativity, mentality, fitness, knowledge, and fun.

Ride Better Ride Different

Ride Different Academy

  • Continuous Development
  • Sessions segmented into groups for better results
  • Specific skill/technique development
  • Competition development
  • Fitness and accountability
  • Reduced cost
  • Better outcomes for you


Good for you, Good for your wallet.

I have spent alot of time working out how to give the best value so we can help as many riders as possible.

Value for Money

For the cost of one session you are getting up to 6. This structure gives you essentially 6x the value, plus the online support and knowledge base, plus the extra seminars and events.

100% Satisfaction

If I dont deliver, you can cancel at any time, or if situations changer (maybe you get injured or work change) you are not bound to the subscription

Opt Out Anytime

If interest rates change or things take a turn for the worst you can either speak to Neil or simply cancel if you need. But I'll work hard to keep you riding!

What You Need To Know

You need a Trials Bike

All of this program is purely Trials bike only. This will be highly beneficial to any Enduro or MX rider, but it is all 100% Trials coaching on Trials bikes.

You need to also join my online community

Everything will be ran through my Online Coaching community. All the events and details, plus extra support between sessions, plus all the Base Knowledge is based in there.

Lets not waste time continuously repeating lesson one. Lets progress your riding immediately!

Annual membership is a one off $160.

MA licence + AJS Trials Club membership

All of the Summer Training will be held at AJS Park. You will need a club member, and an MA licence.

You will be filmed and this will be used for Social Media and Youtube

This has a 3 fold effect of reducing the cost for you, promoting the sport, and helps "Media Train" the younger career focused riders.

Groups and Segments

To get the best outcome for all riders, there will be 3 segmented groups. You can shift and vary across group sessions as they suit, when numbers permit.

The general groups will be based on the following;

Group 1 (T1-T3)

Riders in T3 Yellow to T1 Green.

Group 2 (T5-T4)

Riders in T5 White to T4 Blue

Group 3 (Kids-BP-T5)

Riders from my kids sessions through Black Plate and Some T5 riders.

Sessions will vary in style/approach

Sessions will vary across groups, skills, competition, creativity/play sessions, training sessions.

Some will be riding and some non riding like seminars etc.

Dates for Dec/Jan

I will release 2024s full dates in coming weeks. I am targeting Saturdays for the bulk of ride sessions with Sundays and some mid week days as back up for ajustments

All dates will be online in the community and on this google calendar - WA Ride Different Trials Academy

  • December 2023

    • Dec 2nd - Introduction K/T5/T4
    • Dec 2nd - Intro T3/T1
    • Dec 6th - Fitness outline
    • Dec 9th - Newbies Body Postition and Turning
    • Dec 9th - K/T5/T4 Clutch Acceleration
    • Dec 9th - All Groups Practice Session
    • Dec 13th - Bike Trial Skills Night Session
    • Dec 16th - Ride Technique T5/T4
    • Dec 16th - T3/T1 Ride Technique
    • Dec 20th - Bike Trial Skills Night Session

  • January 2024

    • Jan 6th - All Level Practice
    • Jan 10th - Bike Trial Ride Night Session
    • Jan 13th - T3/T1 Hopping and Turning
    • Jan 13th - K/T5 Turning Session
    • Jan 13th - All Levels Section Practice
    • Jan 17th - Bike Trial Night Session
    • Jan 20th - T5/T4 Turning Session
    • Jan 20th - K/T5 Section Practice
    • Jan 20th T3-T1 Section Competition Practice
    • Feb3rd T5-T4 Obstacle Technique Session

Your Next 3 Steps

Step 1

Scroll down and hit "Add To Cart" the places you need or "Buy Now", to book your place in the West Australian Ride Different Trials Academy.

Step 2

Download the PDF in your confirmation email. It has all the details you will need to know

Step 3

If you aren't already, sign up to my online community. This is $160 AUD for the year. As a Family you only need one membership and can have a complimentary one for the second parent if they ride.

Step 4 BE EPIC and enjoy the development over 2024!

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West Australian Trial Academy

**Please Note I unfortnuately can't combine the Online Community with the Academy as one payment. This is the Academy Subscription ONLY

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