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Intro to Off Road Riding for Trail, Enduro and ADV (Small bikes) - May 26th - Toodyay

Intro to Off Road Riding for Trail, Enduro and ADV (Small bikes) - May 26th - Toodyay

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Take control of your bike.

In one full day, learn the fundamental control skills, and tranform into a controlled confident rider.

You can't build a house on a bad foundation.  Set a solid base line of skills that will pay off for many years to come.   This course is for those lacking confidence or experience on in Trail/Enduro/Adventure riding and on a small bike (600cc and under) 

This session will cover (with variation to allow for each rider) the following;

  • Clutch control
  • Braking
  • uphill
  • downhill
  • low speed turning and Balance

At the end of the session you will leave with;

  • Detailed knowledge of how and why
  • Base drills to continue working on

There will be: 

  • detailed explanations
  • with practical demonstrations
  • plenty of ride time to implement the skills
  • graduated progression
  • immediate feedback through out.
  • plenty of support at all times
  • MAX of 6 Riders

This Course is for:

Any one who is relatively new to Off Road riding (Trail, Adventure or Enduro) and has little experience in an offroad setting.  This is especially good for those who are nervous or lacking confidence.  I graduate all of the learning in nice steps and support you all the way.  All that is needed, is that you can generally ride a bike independently.

This is Not a BIG bike session.  Bikes need to be 600cc and smaller.  If you have a big bike please check out the big bike course.

The Coach

My Name is Neil Price.  I am a life long Trials rider, I have been riding since I was 5yrs old.  I have been 2x Australian No1 and 18x WA State Champion.  I am now a full time coach and help riders across Trials, Hard Enduro, ADV and Trail riding. Adults kids, men and women.  I take a very structured and analytical approach to teaching and use the principles of deliberate practice.

Date and Times

Sunday May 26th 

Session Times are 9:30am - approx 3:30pm
The time may vary depending on the riders on the day.  We may run longer or shorter, but the value wont be any less!

A lunch break and periodic breaks will be had as needed.


Venue is near Toodyay and the exact location is provided upon booking.

There are mens and womens toilets onsite and a shed area for cover.

Extra Details

  • No Dogs
  • No Extra bikes or riders other than those booked
  • There is no catering, please BYO all food and drink

If you have any further questions please contact me via or social media @trialsandenduroskills


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